Korean Karate Academy

Established 1968

Korean Karate Academy - Juneau, Alaska

Michael Ban received his 1st Dan in 1971.  He arrived in Juneau, Alaska in August 1978.  Bruce Massey followed in October of that year.

In January 1979, Michael Ban started the Juneau chapter of the Korean Karate Academy through the local Community Schools program.  The two friends have worked side by side since then, establishing a strong traditional club.  The school has attracted and produced many Dans - all of whom brought strength and diversity to the club.  Some of them may be instructing you the next time you walk in the door.

At this time, Mr. Ban is a 6th Dan and Mr. Massey is a 4th Dan.

The focus of this school has been and will always be, to have a club that would make our beloved instructor, Master Edward C. Ormanian, proud.  Both Aaron and Mr. O. have come to Juneau many times and have given this club their enthusiastic approval.  It is important that all Alaskan students understand that their experience in the martial arts would be incredibly different were in not for the father-son team of Edward and Aaron Ormanian.  Without the time and dedication of these two men, there would not be a Korean Karate Academy as we know it.

Mr. Edward C. Ormanian passed away in June of 1994.  He is the standard by which we guide ourselves through life and the arts.  He was known to all as a gentleman of wisdom and compassion.  Though he is no longer physically with us, his spirit us ever present on the floor of our training hall.


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