Korean Karate Academy

Established 1968

Master Aaron Ormanian, 7th Dan



In July of 1964, Master Aaron Ormanian, at the age of 12, began his training in Tang Soo Do.  Aaron received his 1st Dan on August 20th, 1967.  At that time, the age limit to even start in training was 14.  (some clubs took students only at the age of 18).  When Aaron made 1st Dan at the age of 15, it was a first in the Detroit area.  At the age of 17, he won the Grand Championship for Michigan at Michigan State University.  He received his 4th Dan Master's Certificate in April of 1983.

Master Aaron Ormanian and his father started the Korean Karate Academy in 1968, which is now one of the oldest continuing karate clubs in Michigan.


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