Korean Karate Academy

Established 1968

Master Edward C. Ormanian, 7th Dan



Master Edward Ormanian began his training in Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do in the fall of 1962, at the Downriver YMCA, in Wyandotte, Michigan.  Master Dale Drouillard was instructing the class at that time.  After a few months, Master Drouillard became ill.  Master Russ Hanke, who was a 1st Dan took over and became instructor.  Master Ormanian attained his 1st Dan in October of 1966.

Master Ormanian and his son Aaron (who became a 1st Dan in September, 1967) left Mr. Hanke and started the Korean Karate Academy in April 1968.  He started training again with Master Drouillard in the summer of 1977.  He joined with Master Drouillard and Master Gary Hasson to form the American Korean Karate Association.  In March of 1983 Master Ormanian formed his own association, retaining the name of the "Korean Karate Academy".

Master Ormanian has trained under and with the following:  Grand Master Hwang Kee and Hwang Kee's son, Master Yung Chul Hwang.  He has also attended seminars by Master Jae Jun Kim, Syang Kyu Shim, Chung Il Kim and others.

Master Ormanian passed away in June of 1994, but we still train using the same philosophy he showed us.  Although Master Ormanian is gone, his spirit and teachings live on through our current head instructor, Master Rod Pfander, 5th Dan, and Master Ormanian's son, Aaron Ormanian, 7th Dan and the rest of his students.


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