Korean Karate Academy

Established 1968

                               Master Rod O. Pfander, 5th Dan



Master Roderick O. Pfander began his training in Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Doo in the fall of the 1980 under the instrucction of Master Edward C. Ormanian at the Korean Karate Academy in Allen Park.

Mr. Pfander was promoted to 1st Dan in April of 1984.  Then in November of 1993 became a Master after many memorable years under the direction of Master Ormanian.

Since Master Ormanian's passing in June of 1994, Master Pfander has become one of the head instructors within the Korean Karate Academy.

At this time as we write our part of Tang Soo do history, Master Pfander reminds us, "Let us not forget that we were indeed blessed in having Master Edward C. Ormanian as our head Master and remember his teachings in Tang Soo Do.  Psss the word down and we shall all me again in the biggest of TOE CHANGS!"




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